Wedding Portfolio


Scottish Wedding Photography Portfolio

Here’s just a small selection of some images that I think show what I’m about as a photographer. At your wedding, I’ll be capturing a picture of the day that reflect the little moments and the big moments; the colours and textures and flavours; the laughter and joy and tears. But I’ll also be trying to create something iconic, and arresting - something that honours the unique occasion. This is you at your very best - it’s a day unlike any other, and I want to come away with a few photos that really convey that.

As a creative wedding photographer, Scotland provides the ideal wedding destination. With its stunning natural beauty out in the countryside and the incredible architecture found in its cities, I honestly couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather shoot. It’s just perfect for wedding photography - from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Inverness to Perth and Dundee, Ayrshire to Aberdeenshire (hi Google!), Scotland’s limitless beauty provides a serene location for your wedding, and it’s my pleasure to be there as your photographer.