Candid, Casual, Reportage, documentary or informal?

Or all of the above?

For this wee Blog post I thought I’d discuss Reportage style  wedding photography.

So what do all those terms mean?

Well what about this photograph? I would say that it comes under all of the above. Its a fun shot, it documents part of the day and is not posed or direct by me.

Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-002-2


I see myself as there to document and record the day – we are back to this idea of ‘moments’ that I spoke about in the last Blog about Bridal Prep.

I love to capture all the laughs, jokes and funny faces people pull.


Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-001-6Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-004-3Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-002-6


Or how about when they called on your wedding day and tried to sell you PPI Insurance!?


Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-003-4
There are other photographs you’ll really appreciate to – wee quiet reflective expressions, things you weren’t there to see first hand and thinhs you didn’t expect the me to capture


Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-001Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-001-4Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-003-3Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-002-5Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-001-5
As I mentioned above its all about documenting the day and I work hard to make sure I get as many of these moments on ‘film’ as I can. I’ll use every trick/angle/framing/timing opportunity that I can.


Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-001-2Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-001-3Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-004Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-005-2Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-006Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-002-4


The pensive groom or bride is always a sure fire winner – you can really see that they are both going through the same emotions just before the moment of truth! I can guarantee that you will never feel like that every again – a mixture of nerves, excitement and just being plain overwhelmed!


Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-002-3Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-004-2

There are other things that I have learnt through experience. Like when we are getting just the bride and groom shots – in between more directed (directed rather than ‘posed’) shots some of the best are captured in between or going form place to place.


Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-005Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-008


And then sometimes you are just down right lucky. The wind and light come together to create an image that you can’t script and I’m always ready to get that shot!


Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-001-7Glasgow reportage wedding photographer-003


In short its best not to get to hung up on reportage/documentary terminology – Its the natural, organic and unobtrusive way that I will capture your wedding – Half the time you won’t even know I’m there.


“When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”


Until you get your pictures – then you’ll know all about it!


– stevie


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