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Bridal prep – why should you bother? I was editing some wedding photos today and I thought ‘How great are these bridal prep shots’ and that got me thinking as to what a shame it would be if people missed out on that.

Well first and foremost from a photographer’s point of view, well my point of view anyway, it helps me tell the story of your day from start to finish. This is the culmination to months (if not years) of planning and build up – why would you not want to capture every moment of that?


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Weddings are a series of moments. Moments that can’t ever be repeated. Some will pass you by without you even noticing, others you will just want to relive again and again and yet more you wish you could have shared with everyone.

Mind that time you took a pair of scissors to your wedding dress?
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Or what about the moment why your dad first sees you as a bride? The Look on his face!
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Even your Flower-girl’s first twirl in her dress?
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As well as being a series of moments, the morning of your wedding is also a series of details. So many people painstakingly plan every detail of their day; the flowers, the dress, the shoes,  the make-up,  the gifts they give to their bridesmaids. All things that I can be on hand to capture and celebrate.


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Some of these shots may or may not make your album for many reasons but in years to come these will be the shots you look back on that will really make you smile!
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One thing people might say from time to time is, “I don’t want any pictures of me without my make up on or before I’m all ready!”

Relax! I’ll get some stunning natural shots, pictures you wouldn’t even know I was taking. No awkward posy shots here!
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Another reason it’s a good idea for me to be around from so early on in the day and perhaps a bit less quantifiable, is that it gets people used to me being around. This means that later on in the day I find everyone much less apprehensive about having their picture taken. As I get to know people during the day it breaks down those barriers and everyone is much more relaxed around the guy cutting about with the two big cameras!


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Long story short, if you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a big thumbs up for bridal prep photography and see it as a great place to start telling the story of your wedding before you head off to become Mr and Mrs.


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